You drive me crazy
Why are you messin with my mind
You drive me crazy
Why are you tellin all these lies
You drive me crazy
Stop doing all these things to me
You drive me crazy
Cuz all i want is to be free

I'm feelin weak
I cannot sleep
My head is burning i feel cold down to my feet
I wanna yell somebody help
Is there a cure for what i've got?
Somebody tell me

I need your lovin' face
I need your sweet embrace
Cuz you are my only medicine


You're on my mind
I'm so uptight
I feel sensation in my head down to my spine
Goin'insane cant stand the pain
Is my condition permanent?
Somebody tell me


Twenty four seven you are on my mind
I'm goin crazy
You are the cure and you know but you dont care
Girl you're drivin' me insane

You can say what you want to
Do what you want to
As long as you love me girl
I wont front you
You're the sweetest thing
Let me be your man
Let me hold your hand
Or let me be your friend
Meanwhile i set the house up on a hill
Girl that you know it's all about the dollar bill
Girl i'll treat you like a queen, like a lady
Check out your cold
You drive me crazy

You're always on my mind
(always on my mind)
I need you all the time
So come and get with me
Cuz darlin you're the one i need
(you're the one i need)
Someone to hold me tight
Cuz i cant sleep at night
(i cant sleep at night)
You are my fantasy
Girl you drive me crazy



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