K, you see check it out I live my life everyday
And I be nice to every cause I want everybody to be nice to me
You see so I respect everybody because I want everybody to respect me
I ain't better than nobody, ain't nobody better than me
We all equal you feel me?
You never know when the garbage man is gonna be the President of the United States
So one thing I notice, livin' my life man, doin' what I do...
The world is getting' smaller, day by day
You seein' people overseas you see around your way
The world is getting' smaller, your ex girl call her, things change around homeboy she ???
The world is getting' smaller, seems so big, got no time for doin' a bid
The world is getting' smaller, the life gets smaller, try and get big home try and get taller
See, you ain't it funny how people is funny style
Dude sellin' bricks now, borrowin' money now
Dude did a bid, came home he not hard
Now he wearin' ties, illegal job
See it's bugged out people on thug routes is robbin' it
Used to sell crack now and took shit robbin' it
I was like father wit never got bothered wit
Said I couldn't make it now they all want a part of it
Used to laugh at little Chris, he ain't get no sex
Now little Chris laughin' when he's fuckin my ex
I was stressed when I heard it, my feelings got hurted
Lookin' back now, yo, I probably deserved it

Ayo the world so big but it's getting so small
That's why you got kush, weed, and alcohol
I was tourin' overseas doin' much as I can
See my man Sherman from left rack in Japan
See I love to get the paper, it's just my nature
It's see-ill Phil up in Timberly, Jamaica
Let me tall ya'll something that you probably don't know
There's a dude from left rack everywhere you go
See, moved to Miami to avoid my tax debt
IRS came and deployed my mattress
Fucked up my mind, yo dude no ???
Now me and Uncle Sam so I gotta ???

Yo, my first time in Miami, yeah your friend got the board
Now ten years later this is where I record, yeah
I send them love and they send it right back to me
Now crazy hood laugh is better than hit factory
I reminisce, when I first came home before I saw Trazz and bumped into Bone
There was a dude named Amos I remember what he say
Only dude who had a studio around my way
When I asked him for a session and he said no way
I, hated him then, I forgive him today because...

See me, I know that the world got smaller and smaller and smaller day by day minute by minute
And I remember them ugly girls with buck teeth
Then they grow up to be dimes wit 20s
That's why I'm nice to the janitor, I'm cool wit the pool boy, all the interns
All the young dudes out there goin' hand-in-hand,
they might turn out to be the biggest drug King Pin in the world you feel me feel me?
You know me, all the hard workers out there man, I'm good to everybody cause I don't wanna have no regrets
The dude workin' at McDonalds man...
The dude who gave me your demo, I'ma always take your demo you know
'Cause I remember when I was there
I mighta not listened to your shit, but at least I took it I told you that respect, you know what I mean?
You know the DJ that you didn't wanna give a drop to? He might turn out to be the biggest DJ in the world
That's why I give drops to everybody, 'cause I know the world
(The world is getting smaller, day by day)
You know what I mean? The world so big but it's getting so small...
SVK el Mato! let's do it baby...
The world is gettin' smaller...

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