(feat. Big Pun, Capone, Jadakiss, Maze, Mussolini, A. Mar)
Neptunes, N.O.R.E, Angie Martinez
Jadakiss, Big Pun, Capone
Mussolini and Maze
Thugged Out Entertainment
Rush to the stores
'Pone, let 'em know...
Yo, understand my first name 'Pone, fuck mythical lies
I keep the game sewn, keep criminal ties
Generals die, lieutenants take over seminole vibes
Like Puffy in Harlem, I rose to stardom
Put the gat down and put my lifestyle between the margin
I'm like niggaz squeeze, pardon, whether eatin or starvin
I wanna see, stash heat in the carpet
Move a target at this ?? market, ya heard?
[Big Pun]
I'm like science and math, flyin past you at lightspeed
My eye of the glass, split that ass to the white meat
Warp speed, niggaz thinkin I'm rappin off beats
Till I land back on the track, on all four feet
Think about it; yeah I smell you, I think you farted
Thought you could fuck with the P? You must be retarded
Call your boys, I'll leave 'em toe-tagged to corduroy
I'm tappin your moms at the funeral, like the Waterboy
[1: Angie Martinez]
Oh no, oh, oh no, uh oh! Oh no, oh, oh no, uh oh!
Oh no, oh, oh no, uh oh! Oh no, oh, oh no, uh oh!
Oh no, oh, oh no, uh oh! Oh no, oh, oh no, uh oh!
Oh no, oh, oh no, uh oh! Oh no, oh, oh no, uh oh!
Uhh, yeah, uhh, uh-huh, L.O.X. yeah
Uh-huh, yeah, Thugged Out, yeah, yeah, yeah, yo, yo
Ey yo, Jada spit crazy new flows
Catch me, Iceberg'ed out, with the baby blue bows
K-I double S-I, see me in the bubble S-type, rippin' the westside
I got it if you want it, just sniff it, blunt it
And if I get a chick pregnant, it's a brick in her stomach
Because all my niggaz hold dough
Imagine me doing a song with y'all cats (Oh no)
Aiyyo, the reason why niggaz say we floss too much
It ain't shit we ever seen that ever cost too much
In the scenery, bet y'all niggaz lost your touch
So just to get it back, guess what, y'all go against us
Cause I'm'a die for my team, drop shine with my team
Laid back, zone in the beat, my lye steam
Cats hatin' me, steady tryin' to ruin my world
So Maze poppin' shells like I was abusin' my girl
[Repeat 1]
Niggaz wanna play tough, till them niggaz duct-taped up
Till money is placed up, y'all niggaz is fake fucks
Throwin' dirt on my name, same niggaz
We took the train and sold 'cane, look shit done changed
It's like "Oh No!", niggaz don't really want the guns to blow
Put six feet low, and same shit we do to you, do to your hoe
Thugged out shit, what y'all niggaz lookin' fo'?
You see I got guns, that'll tear you apart
Put your brains in your lap, put your soul in your heart
In the club, I'm in the crowd, it ain't nothin' to me
Chicks wanna touch my dick and my jewelry
And I'm a gangsta, I don't wanna shoot no clown
I'm on some petty shit, I'll tear your poster down
And when I shoot, niggaz know I shoot for dead
And I don't care about your vest, 'cause I hit your head!
[Repeat 1]
Throw 'em up, yeah, yeah
Y'all know what this is, right?
Yo, y'all know what this is, man
Yo, yo, y'all know what this is, man
Jadakiss, The Lox, Ruff Ryders, no doubt
Big Pun, Terror Squad, Angie Martinez
Mussolini and Maze, Capone
Thugged Out

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