feat( rell , hype-d)

[Hype-D Chorus]
we got tha big d cpmin boy
im hype d only 14 and i got tha big d
comin boy , look out no doubt when i come u will see
cuz im only 14 and i got tha big d comin boy
[N.O.R.E. verse 1]
hey yo u better hide u better not look
just get a glimpse and see you know hype-d
will be comin with tha big d through yo hood
through yo street , better pack ya heat
[Hype-d verse 2]
Big - d on tha tinted windows dont ya see
got a gat , mack ya ass down when i come to
yo town ya better hide our duck on tha ground
cuz when i come expect to be lyin on tha ground
[rell singing]
o we got tha big ds comin out
so watch out {repeats x 2]
[N.O.R.E. verse 3]
hey yo hype-d show them
mutha fuckas we got tha big d
cuz im n to the o to the r to the e
this aint ya ususal , ya niggaz is bout to get tha fusional
so get out ya guns and lets have a fight no party tonight some shit is goin down
[Hype-D verse 4]
look lemme explian
i got a gat when i com to ur town
i lock n load that shit and then i shoot that shit
so git ya mind right

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