[Feat. J-Dawg, G-Quikk]

I got that Boot Camp Clicc in this muthafucka tonight
Me & my nigga 'Cise....
We done hooked some smooth shit up for y'all...
And we bout to throw down in this bitch, ya heard mes?

First Verse [G-Quikk & Mystikal]:

I had plenty of you niggas who that I couldn't, do it

Do what?

Grab the pen and the paper, put the fire to the blunt, time to get to it
Fuuuuuck how y'all niggas do it,
She quick to pursue it til' his pockets smell like body fluid,
Some niggas be walkin' up at the line,
Blow job then slob on my knob, bitch I been the shit


Ain't nothin' you can do to me

What this muthafucka talkin' about nigga who me?

Yeah you, said who see?
I'm bout'z to make gash, drivin' 'em out quick fast,
Bout time your muthafuckin' ass,
Put a nigga on the muthafuckin' map with'cha bitch ass

Wit'cha bitch ass

Takin' how long?

How long it took?

It took a nigga thirteen muthafuckin' years just to make a rap song.
But I'm on my winnings, in fact now niggas is jealous,
Y'all niggas don't faze me,
Hoes gone...hate me,
Bust up and then I may get they lips bloody,
Your back nutty,
Aw, y'all niggas ain't ready for me,
But if you want me, who clamps?
I'm shell-bound, watch me throw down on my first go-round,
Here's our shit, properly did it and now you're evicted,
Now admit it, fuck that yin-yang, you talkin' behind my back Mr. Hood Critics,
You're all on my dick hun,
Get one, lick one,
Shit son, talk about me? Jealous man, you're done,
Fuck it, it's all good,
I'm not that nigga, I'm not that nigga, I'm not that nigga either, understood?

Chorus [Mystikal & G-Quikk]

You're all on my dick hun

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