Nigga if the shoe fits, get that muthafucka on
Bitch get cha mind right
Shit real out here
Bitch get cha mind right
Get your shit together nigga
Bitch what's happenin
Bitch get cha mind right
Slow yo ass down, boy
Bitch get cha mind right
(Bitch I'm in here)
Fuck I know
(How the fuck you gonna tell me)

[Verse 1]
I done been locked up, been blocked up
For what, pullin my jock up in New York
I come for niggas that hate the crowd, bust
Boy you get snuck, dumped
Or blocked by the boot when the tank rolled up
Still got me rollin, got me all fucked up
I'm in the headlines
Big behinds, but that's nothing
Nigga I'ma get mine
(??) and fell for that fuckin hype
Now I'm just a stereotype
I'm dressed in stripes
Thats a formality
They got my black ass on a eight month pause from reality
Now I might be more (??)
I'm a sad, mad, BAD ASS BLACK MAN
Who in the fuck are you to judge me
Ain't no way in fuck you gonna nudge me or budge me
I'ma walk my walk I'ma talk my talk regardless
Bitch bad black, white, tall, it's the smallest
I won't even much break stride
Ain't got time to cry, I climb the rough side
Never claimed to walk the straight and narrow
Hard from my flesh, bad to my bone marrow
Watch me with both eyes
Won't analyze me cuz I'm baptized
Wise guys criticize
Sometimes I speak religously
Niggas think that that's an excuse though to talk shit to me
That bitch who's sayin shit your brain gon get you hung
Only the rightous one speaks in tongues
Bout to show you how the game goes
Lay low, you're fuckin surfin in the rainbow
And keep your pink fingertips off my black queen
Stay off my gun though, go sip your fuckin cream
If I catch ya I'ma bang bang, bitch
Bang shit, I'm the rope bringer
First you hunt me but now the breaker's on the other finger
And that fuckin finger on the trigger
That's when I start clickin
What's wrong with you nigga
Bitch get cha mind right

Y'all niggas don't here me
Bitch get cha mind right
Yeah you, little bitty ass nigga
Bitch get cha mind right
How much money you got
Bitch get cha mind right

[Verse 2]
Sometimes I know I comin (??) runin the (??)
Stayin and leavin, if it's (??) I'm sleepin, scared of breathin
To many deceivin, honest and thievin (??)
I'm loaded till my hearts stop beatin
Could stay drug free and die of natural causes
I'm a continue to pick up and light the marijuana, facin gun charges
Military boots in penitentiary jail sites
Ain't gotta take this shit sittin down
I'm not gonna fall for it and not even tell
I hope I never let you bitches get the best of me
You ain't arresting me, I'm testin me, I'm in control of my own destiny
Niggas ask me, am I my brother's keeper
When that nigga got a street sweeper, killin people

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