Music H.Salmi, Lyrics M. Torro,Arr. Myon & H.Salmi

Drummer Matti Torro's Will Never Explain These Lyrics ...

Twentyeighth Floor The Window Is Open
I Close My Eyes And I Feel The Breeze
This Luxury Suite Is Too Much For Me
For Who Am I Livin? For
Tonight I Make My Move
I?Ll Go Out And Run To You
Neon Figures Surrounding Me
And I Scream Again And Again
Can You Forgive Me
I Wasn't There When You Needed Me
Forgive Me
I Wasn?T There When You Needed Me
Another Day Somebody Calls
I Try To Answer Blood's Rushing In My Veins
Am I Awake Or Am I Dreaming
There Is No One Here
Tonight I Make My Move.....
I Deny My Lies And I Realize
My Life Is Not The Same As Before

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