[Featuring Jadakiss]

Uh, huh
I don't wanna get the best of you, ha-ha (whoa)
Yo, yo

Mya & Jadakiss
You put me on
I can't let, (nah, yeah) let him go no
(I just wanna get what's left of you, ha)
Can't let you get, oh no (Yo, yo)

He has a little game that he plays
Clever little ways and a hot boy style
Brags about the dough that he makes
Flash a little cash most girls wild out
Lately he's been checking for me
Telling me how much he wants to be
Wants to be the one to replace
Replace the man that waits at home for me

1 - But oh no I can't let you
Get the best of me
Even though deep inside
Something's dying to see
How you flow out them clothes
Then you put it on me
Feelings coming on strong
I know that it's wrong
I can't let you get the best of me

(You put it on me)
The best of me
(You put it on me)

So busy trying to play with my head
Telling me how he could blow my mind
Something about the things that he said
Made me want to take it there one time
I should be walking away
Cause his hands up on my thigh
Should I leave, should I stay?
After all it's just one night

Repeat 1

(You put it on me)
The best of me
(You put it on me)

Yo, yo, yo I got so many bags of money
That they won't fit in the bank
And I'mma do this just like Tony did it to Frank
But I'mma make sure both y'all win
Let him keep the place you move
And I'mma pay both y'alls rent
So forget about the condo and come to the crib
Cause the castle over the mountain come with a bridge
You know literally we can go shopping in Italy
Hand on her thigh she don't wanna get rid of me
And she don't drink or know how a L look
Chanel look mixed with the Pete Arnell look
You just stay pretty while I'm running the city
When I whip the V you can hold the joint if you with me
Vacation cost a hundred and fifty we living it up
I put it on your ass if you giving up
And you know I'm not a hater
And if you feel bad then you can call him later
And tell him you all Jada's

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