[Mya](Wyclef Jean)
(New millennium, pump this in your jeeps)
This is for all y'all out there
That ever dealt with somebody
(Pump this in your jeeps)
Who's lying, faking
Cheating, stealing
Creeping, BS'ing
(Pump this in your jeeps)
I got this thing called the lie detector
Two teaspoons and they're bound to tell the truth
(Pump this in your jeeps)

You told me
That I was your fantasy yeah
You said that
We would practice monogamy
So I became a freak under the sheets
Put his ass to sleep
Creeped into the kitchen
And got the remedy
It's called the lie detector
I slipped it in his drink
I brought it to his bedside
And said take a sip of this and don't think

You won't believe what happened
When he sipped the lie detector
Looked into his eyes
Asked him where you been?
He said it's no surprise
Cause I've been with my ex girl
Why' you tell me the truth?
He said you wanted to hear the truth

Sometime I wish I never gave him a detector
I thought he loved me but he loved her
So I'm kind of glad he took the lie detector
Now I know the truth so you can get the boot

[Beenie Man]
Man you have to, you have to, you have to go mami
Tie up, tie up, tie up clothes yeah
End of, end of, end of the road
Once you find out, ya gonna light up

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