randma: Mya baby where you think you in them clothes looking like that?
Mya: Grandma I'm just going to a party
Grandma: You and them parties I'm just tired of them parties
Mya: I'm just trying to have fun
Grandma: look Imma tell u something you need to settle down you need to find
you a man and get married
Mya: I am to young for all that
Grandma: Look Imma tell you something. Listen to grandma. Grandma want some
babys around here. We want you to be out and see everybody pick them little
babys up and hug them and tell them how happy I am. Get u an edumacation. Thats
what u need an edumacation baby you need to get you a B.A.B degree or something
like that. Thats what you need I didnt go to college Im trying to help you. Sit
there hanging out wit them people, sit there smoking all that cronic, drinking
those forties and stuff
Mya: Hold up yall Im commin.
Hold up Im commin
Grandma: you ain't no Snoop Doggy Dog baby

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