A dozen city lights
it's bitter cold tonight
I'll see all you've got and youll see mine
just watch your own life
and pass it by
I'm not satisfied
just complicated
So go and we'll jet this place together
it's what you want so tell me what we've got now
no more time to mess around now
contemplating of our time yeah
If forever stays this warm
then theres no harm
in our future
so whats our future
it's written out in sand
Just take my hand
we'll drive away
Let's go somewhere far now
We'll dissipate our fears
and make them thoughts of hope
You're saying that I'm blind
but she doesn't know I'll never leave her side
A lover she's called
so I'll wait forever but shes already mine
my heart
search and rescue
but I found you
But hey wonderful
Isn't she beautiful?

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