Yo you’ve reached musiq’s cell phone uh,
I’m sorry I can’t pick up right now
I’m kinda busy at the moment
But if you leave your name and your number
The whole routine, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can
And if I don’t, don’t get mad, yeah you too, peace

I’m sorry that I’m not around
To listen to what you have to say
I hope it wasn’t so important that I
Just had to hear cause it couldn’t wait
I wish I knew what it was you wanted
Just to see if there was something that I could do
Oh, I know you probably thinking the worse of me now
But I understand that I’m not avoiding you


If I don’t call you or come over it’s only just cause
I’ve got so much work to do
So sometime before this song is over
Leave a message and I’ll promise I’ll get back to you

You know how things are some days
My time be moving just way to fast
While you may be thinking I should put some aside for you
I’m just trying not to let it pass me by
Now I don’t want to take you for granted
And please believe that I’m not ignoring you
Well I guess I can’t expect you to understand it all
But I pray you don’t take it personal


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