Murphy Lee: Now what goes up must come down
but we ain't comin down
it be dem same old clowns
enter your crown
pretending they proud
but when you leave time to go around runnin they mouths(MAAANNNNN)
They somthin like a hater man
talkin bad about a players if I'm not gon see ya later man
Con be frontin
untill you get fronted on
if you dont like whats goin on go onto another song
cuz i keep a hater guilty
my cars and my money all like man both dum filthy
from skippy to nippy to fuel young fool
See i be high when my car bulls
obey no rules to school you fools
Skool boy do er what we young dude news
St. Louis like lose the mouths and larry use
and the young dude unpaid yound dudes do dude

[Chorus x2]
JD: Ay yo! What da hook gon be? (uh oh)]
Murphy: See i dont need no fuckin hook on this beat]
All i need is the track in the background
my headphones high
keep that blunt goin round

[verse 2]
The sun will come out tomarrow
And i will never rap tomarrow
bought my first carwhen i turned 16
only home out a town limozine
Plus we broke wit a deal but nobody could tell
so we did what we had to do for Country Grammar to sell
I steal my own melodies
Plus I like my booties and my boobs like the capital letter B
That how it is
how it betta be
i preferably rather have 2 or 3 girls in the bed wit me
Close your ears ma
you ain't heard nothin
I always pay ma let a brother hold some
I must be comin from nottin to sumthin
when i say nottin mean a pocket full of lint and buttons
used to be creative on halloween
how you gon stop a hotter team
went from notta to a lotta things

[Chorus x2]

people always sayin
man it must be nice
no high no notiin not a simple house life
understand the moneys good but i'm still from the hood
so dont be asking for no itchin be expectin a foot
unless you wanna foot
i know a few crooks that can place you where you need to be put
and it might not cost me playa
got a benz pepper interior pace sausy playa
and we all push it
but me i push it real good
brains blowned out
cromed out
real real wood
Catch me on your locals derrty
or in the studio doin vocals derrty
I'm the same dude that came through with my crew let the girls do mt while you do you
(and um)
all i need is JD to be bangin
I'm a come up with these verses that i'm usually slangin
(i be rippin

[chorus x4]

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