From: [email protected] (Theo Kanter)
Subject: CRD: Rock Me Baby -- Muddy Waters
Please help me complete the lyrics. Thanks in advance.
PS: The I, IV and V are the chords relative to the key, for
instance in the key of G: G, C, D.
~Title: Rock me Baby
Artist: Muddy Waters
{ Verse 1 }
|: I | I | I |
Rock me Baby, I want to you to rock me all night long,
| IV | IV :|
| I | I | I |
Yeah, I want you to rock me Baby, like my back ain't got no bone.
| V | IV |
{ Verse 2 }
Rock me in the morning, just a little -?- (2 x)
Yeah, I want you to rock me Baby, until you drive my blues away.
{Verse 3 }
Just roll your lover, like you roll a while,
Just roll me baby, like you roll a while,
I want you to roll me over darlin', you know I do - how it makes me feel.
{Instrumental Verse }
Yeah, oh yeah.
{Verse 4 }
So you're out and around me Baby, like a sick? around her son (2 x)
I want you to call, call me daddy, Let me lay down in your arms!
{ Outro }
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