19 After
619 Hoodlumz
61909 [Featuring O.D.M.]
All Real
Apocalypse [Featuring Lil Rob]
Born Without A Konscience
Can't Be A Player [If You A Hater]
Can't Hide From Shadow
Dancin, Smokin, Drinkin
Dangerous Minds
Don't Stop Now (Keep Bangin)
El Matador
Evil Deedz
Excited Ii
Excited [Featuring Mr. Lil One]
For My Muthafuckazz
Fuck Lil Puppy
F___ What You Believe
Game Krossed
Go Ahead [Featuring Lil Rob]
Harvester Of Sorrow
In Cali We Live Rowdy
It Ain't Over
It's Mr. Shadow
Let The Mayhem Begin
Me And My Shadow
Mind Of A Sick Man
Money Klip
My Hood To Your Block
My Strategy
No Me Confundas
One Man Batallion
Pocos Pero Locos Drop
Real Ganstas Don't Brag
Rumours [Featuring Lil Rob]
Sex, Drugs And Money
Shadow Of Your Death
Shaking In Your Bootz
She's A Hoe
Soy Mexicano
Stalker Of The Night
Take Yo' Bitch
Till I Die
True Playaz
Watch Your Back
We Fucking Tonight
What Am I To Do
What Goes Around Comes Around
When The Wolf Cries
Who Wanna Roll