You should be a model [whistle] I bet u hear that all the time got the body of a godess face like an angel gurl I'm being honest I can see u up on my cover of a magazine [X2]
Back again baby, is ur daddy capone I'm facinated by ur looks and now be a lavron check out this little song, I roll with the passion u was there for my buff and u look so attractive now let me ask u if u done a little modeling been around the world catwalking done a little traveling [whistle] I've been scoping out ur beauty u look so fly did I see u on a movie shoot me with an arrow got a body of a godess a face like an angel and I'm just being honest u so fine wit ur mack and chanell might as well take a cruise and I'll just bump some pharell.
I swore I've seen u on a gucci magazine or was it the lowrider next to the sissy dri or was it covergirl it dont really matter I'm flattered by ur smile and ur lips make it bad too. Settle down as I take u on a little trip sexy pre madonna to the world use a gift. Fly like the wings of a plane from the heavens above u the thunder and the rain sitting down watching every move that u make u shopping at tiffanys u make no mistake huh. ur so good u so hood u so commercial damn gurl u gots the makings of a model.
I can see u on a magazine and that's no doubt I can see u as miss universe wit ur crown I can see u in langeurae walking that round I can see u wit a bikini at the sunshine dance do i dig [whistle] u so damn pretty walking the red carpet with ur custom armani my hoggani dress u looking so fresh like a rose in a garden u standin out from the rest. dress to impress all around the world wit ur nice silky skin and ur diamonds and pearls if I had one wish from a genie in a bottle I ask for a gurl like u just like a model.

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