Terror fills my ears. My eyes full of tears. Is it true what I hear?Can I see through the fear since I'm unable to rewind these years.I didn't spend enough time with my peers. Now I sit here dying and no one's near. No more smiling,no more cheers. The violence has made itself clear, but the silence is all that I hear.
The pain in my brain is so real. Something I wish I didn't have to feel. How will I make it over this steep hill? Was I so insincere? My body is overtaken by a deep chill.
Lord, I can't understand man's ill will to kill and watch another man's life spill like an open bottle of pills. Seems the evils that's possessing is getting its thrills;but the questions I'm faced with are more like drills. Better yet a test if your guessing, to my linguistical skills.
What a bitter depression how you try to conceal the guilt. But when you're amidst Revelations, your filth is revealed.

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