A planet on the go
It's O.K. watching the weeds grow
And if you listen really hard
The earth she hums when it's dark
Sleeping on the sidewalk the home they call
Doctors and lawyers race for the ball
And I don't even wanna understand it all
I just wanna see
All the little kids gettin' down to the rhythm
The boys all shined up chasin' down the women
A paper boy smilin' at the job that he's given
The bugs in the grass and the birds all swimmin'
Mister moon checkin' on how y'all livin'
The stars all winkin' at the day that's dimmin'
I just wanna see
The aquaducts overflown
Watching the branches and dolls go home
And if you listen really well
The earth she speaks when she's pale
Sleeping on the ceiling the flies don't fall
Dust bunnies found their way to a wall
And I don't even want to understand it all

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