Take me by the hand my friend
I'll lead you through the night
Don't be afraid my friend
We've passed the hardest part - life

Don't look into the eyes of the unborn
They'll decieve you with their lies
Don't fall for the beauty of the devout shape
It'll keep your soul - forever

Listen - hear the lament of the gods
Searching for peace in a higher world
Touch - feel the anger within
This tower of griefs for the abandoned ones

Taste the sweet drops from the well of truth
It gives you all the answers

Endless seems the path we wander
The final phase begin to affect
See can you discern the dim light
Do the brightness blind your eyes

Don't seek knowledge about the question of life
It's too hard to solve for man

You must go alone my friend
Beyond this challenging stage
Take care now my friend
Make your faith fulfill

Few is chosen but everyone's invited

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