Can you hear me? yeah wassup
How's that sound? here's the track
There it is...

Ahhhhhh yeah hey fellas (wassup)
Set it off with a little slow jam (right on the extra smooth cassanova)
Check this out...

Girl if you were a newspaper (ahhhhhhh)
Then I would be your ink (that sounds nice)
If you were a piece of doo doo
Then I would be your stink
We go together like Abbott and Costello
Bill Cosby and Jello (j-e-l-l-o)
If you were a face, and love was a fight
Then I would rearrange you, oh yes I just might
Baby you look luscious, let me lick you like a dum dum
Just let me get to know you, and show you where I come from
I'm rugged like Diesel, pocket like a weasel
I would be acrylics, and you would be my easel
I'm a remote control and you're my favorite channel
I wanna dig you like a mole and hump you like a camel
And then commence to suckin out all your tooth enamel...

Mr Love baby (get the novacaine ready)
Tell em what you got to say (yo check it, I like this part coming up)
Ahhhh yeah.....
Baby, I am Joe Blow, the loverman
You should be payin me....
True, where's my money ho...
It's the pimp daddy of them all, check it

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