You remember how we met,
Silhouetted by the lights.
You were drunk and tried to take a mental picture with your hands.
I was thinking about that,
And a bunch of other things.
Stop looking at the floor,
I need to pour out this expansive dose of words.
I can't explain.
I need to be...alone.
I know the timing isn't great.
These things you just can't plan.
I just need a little time so I can find myself again.
'Cause I get buried underneath,
All the things they think you are,
And I'm too tired to pretend it doesn't hurt to be left out.
I had a pocket full of dreams,
But I gave them all to you.
Now I think I want 'em back.
So can you tell me if I'm crazy or confused?
Don't ever change,
The way you are.
I've never loved anyone more.

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