Another Sunday for a weak end
Struck from the bed head first the arrow
Contact that carried further distance
Where were you when you were here?
Some memories often not quite remembered
Some memories remain stains
Train trackstar love of golf club hunting
X marks the reason X marks the reason
Sometimes the colors of my words
Upset the colors in your head
Every Sunday warning
Come back Casa Blanco
Winter was our killer, everywhere
So long and lovely
Head for the comfort of your comfort
I don't believe I still believe you
Held for the last time
Held long lasting until whether we were at all
Every Sunday morning
There's an early warning
To the way we are
Used to talk for hours
In the arctic showers of a driving rain
Almost lost control of our medicative holds
One winter wonder year
We could cut our eyes out
We could cut our eyes
But through all the changes
It's the end that made us made us
What we are so you say
The feelings remain
Face the fall we fall just the same
This is how we fall
This is how we fall

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