(Passing by) an old and raped village
Across the World of Wonders
An old and raped Village
Child of curiosity and the old man of knowledge
Descending Spirits
Destroyer Of Gods
En Mork Horisont
Everyone Leaves
Forgotten Tales Of The Ever-Sea
Four Cities Of The World
I Am Old
I am the world
Maker Of Gods
On The Bridge Beyond The World
One thousand sparkling Stars
Smell The Witch
Spirit In A Vacuum
The Grudge
The Mountain Beyond The Stars
The Pillars Between Worlds
The silver Sea
The Vampire Planet
The Voice Of The Labyrinth, And...
Thoughts of the old Tower
Towards The Gate Of Stars
Visjoner Av Ev Eldgammel Fremtid
World Essence
You Put A Hex On Me