i've been talkin to some friends of mine about you boy
they say you're 'bout to have a child
when you gonna tell e 'bout it
saw the chick you sleepin with
now you gotta deal with it
hope you found happiness
i found myself in such a mess...
with you
cause i put way too much love in to you
hopin one day we'll be true
and time after time i stuck with you
but now i'm too through
cause i've been a fool sittin round to long
i think it's 'bout tie that i ring the bell and carry on
forgave you before but it's too far gone
i think its bout time that i ring the bell and move along
Verse 2:
said it was a mistake on the night you saw her late
must have been some pure affection cause boy you didn't have protection
had to think of me but you did never see yourself in this predicament
you never thought that it would catch up...
Repeat Chorus

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