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A Song To Ruin
A Song To Ruin (с аккордами)
Bread And Circuses
Breaking The Back
Breaking The Back (с аккордами)
Charlie & The Propaganda Myth Machine
Charlie And The Propaganda Myth Machine
Chinua Achebe Will Have His Revenge On Ec1
Come On Sharon
Everybody Needs To Read More Books
Gnostic Front
Hipsterclad And Clueless
I Am Become The South
I Am The Party
I Am The Party (с аккордами)
I Gave My Eyes To Stevie Wonder (с аккордами)
I Want To Get Shot At (By An Israeli Gun Squad)
It's A Shit Business
Kids Are Going To Love It
Macgyver (с аккордами)
Mae Gyver
Mute Group
One More Power Chord And The System's Done For
Pornography For Cowards
Pornography For Cowards (с аккордами)
Reformulating The Challenge To Archism
Relentless (с аккордами)
Rise & Fall
Rise And Fall
Smiling At Strangers On Trains (с аккордами)
Smiling At Strangers On Trains
Song To Ruin
The Eddison Address
There Are Ghosts