e: Tue, 19 May 1998 10:07:03 +0100
From: Xavier FLAMENT
Subject: m/matchbox_twenty/push.crd
Artist: Matchbox 20
Song: Push
Album: Yourself or someone like you
Transcription: Xavier Flament
Tuning: 1/2 step up or capo on 1st fret
Here's a quick transcription that sounds fine on either acoustic
or electric guitar.
Bbsus2 is: 112211 (relative to the capo)
(Intro) F C Dm Bbsus2
F C Dm
She said I don't know if I've ever been good enough
Bbsus2 F C Dm Bbsus2
I'm a little bit rusty, and I think my head is caving in
F C Dm
And I don't know if I've ever been really loved
Bbsus2 F C Dm
By a hand that's touched me, well I feel like something's gonna give
And I'm a little bit angry, well
C (arpeggio) Bbsus2 (arp.) C (arp.)
This ain't over, no not here, not while I still need you around
Bbsus2 (arp.)
You don't owe me, we might change
Bbsus2 C
Yeah we just might feel good
F C Bbsus2 C
I wanna push you around, I will, I will
F C Bbsus2 C
I wanna push you down, I will, I will
F C Bbsus2 C F C Bbsus2
I wanna take you for granted, I wanna take you for granted
I will
She said I don't know why you ever would lie to me
Like I'm a little untrusting when I think the truth is gonna hurt ya
And I don't konw why you couldn't just stay with me
You couldn't stand to be near me
When my face don't want to seem to shine
Cuz it's a little bit dirty well
Don't just stand there, say nice things to me
Cause I've been cheated I've been wronged, and you
You don't know me, I can't change
I won't do anything at all
Dm C Bbsus2
Oh but don't bowl me over
C Dm C
Just wait a minute well it kinda fell apart, things get so
Crazy, crazy
Dm C Bbsus2 Dm C Bbsus2
Don't rush this baby, don't rush this baby

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