Manfred Mann

(title twice)

Drivin' down the street just the other day
I saw this real fine girl & stopped & said "You're goin' my way?"
She said, "Thanks for the ride
But before I get inside
There's just one thing that I wanna say"

(title twice)

I drove to her house & dropped her by the gate
I thought, I'm doin' all right, so I asked for a date
She said "Meet me at 9
& you'd better be on time
'Cause I'll offer you to death if you show up late"

(title twice)

What in the world is wrong with this chick now?
Somebody tell me, what makes her tick now?
Some chicks do you wrong but this one wrongs you doubly
I never saw a girl who was so hubbly bubbly!

(title x4)

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