Ha ha said the clown
has the king lost his crown,
is the night being tight on romance
Ha ha said the clown
is it bringing you down,
that You've lost Your chance

Feeling low, gotta go
see a show in town
Hear the jokes, have a smoke,
and a laugh at the clown
In a whirl, see a girl
with a smile in her eyes
Never thought I'd be brought
right down by her lies


2. In a trance, watch her dance
to the beat of the drums
Faster now, sweating brow,
I'm all the fingers and thumbs
Wonder why I hit the sky
When she blows me a kiss
In a while run a mile
I'm regretting all this


3. Time to go, close the show,
wave the people good-bye
Grab my coat, grab my hat,
look that girl in the eye
Where's your home,
what's your phone numberstop fooling round
Could have died she replied
"I'm the wife of the clown"

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