I keep hanging around
Got some attachment to you
Way down is still where you get through
I told myself it isn't right but isn't wrong
Yet I"ve found
The more you hot and cold me
The more I need protecting
Can't hear myself singing the same sad song
Oh, and it's not hard to figure out
Why I am never too far from the floor
You can only take me up and down
I've got to move forward
So I've cut the cord
It's broken I know what you want
I'm not a yo-yo
I'm not a thing you let go
You're leaving me no choice then
I'll be on my way
I'm not a yo-yo
I don't come back when I'm thrown
I keep hanging around
But can't defy gravity
Rebound everytime you touch me
I've told myself it isn't right but it isn't wrong The more you high and low
The more I need stability
Can't hear myself singing this for too long
Oh, and now you've come to face the fact
But I'm running fast as I can to the door
'Cause you wanna swing me up and back
And I've got to move forward

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