We were talking at the party 'til dawn
You put your arms around me and you asked me what was wrong
I tried to be so serious, you smiled and played along
You had to leave for home tomorrow, yeah tomorrow you'd be gone
'Cause we fell in love before we made it through the night
But you were leaving town, into another kind of life
So we drove around the block again and tried to say goodbye

Maybe I never found the right way
I kept my love hidden underground
Baby I wish that there was some other way
That I could turn the clock around

But I couldn't sleep, I called everybody that I knew
All my friends said I'd be crazy if I waited 'round for you
I wanted to believe it so I called to say we're through
But when I heard your voice, it nearly broke my heart in two


Don't say you're gone, I'll find you someday
I jumped into my car but as I headed down the road
I knew that when I got there, there might not be anybody home
You had gone away forever, and you left me all alone
I was all alone.

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