Don't tell me how I had a vision
That this day would come to be
Call it luck, call it intuition
Here I am (here we are)
Isn't that enough
For a little bit of reality
Fate is good fate can be real
If you believe it's what you feel
Oh, what a moment
When I looked into your eyes
I knew I got the prize
Oh baby, what a sweet surprise
It only took a minute, baby to let you in my life
It only took a minute, for me to realize
It only took a minute, and I knew just what to do
It only took a minute, to fall in love with you

Time and time again, boy I've always been
The only one to think things through
You got a hold of me
Set me free
Who would've known
That out of the blue
I discovered the magic of all my dreams that night
With just one look at you
I knew that everything would be all right
Here I am, isn't that a vision

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