This joint's dedicated to all emcees
Yo, stay focused with this
Stay strong, stay dedicated
Check it out, yo

Yeah yeah, yo
I'm still smashin' it
So compassionate
House of Commons want me on the cabinet
The graduate who got the phattest shit
I splatter shit
Niggas better scatter when I'm splashin' it
Flashin' it
Pass the record books and watch me shatter shit
I made the city hot
Rhymes makin' niggas drop
Even free-stylin' when CKLN was fifty watts
Then I built the strategy
Gradualy, I planned to be
The greatest from the city
Brothers started stabbin' me
Made your backbone slide to this, glide to this
Brothers jealous 'cause their sons couldn't shine like this
It ain't my fault that my song's phat
It ain't my fault that my pops loved my mom, black
I made the bomb track
Kids were jackin' for beats when my rap hit the streets
I went to church and even signed my autograph for the priest
When my track was released, you noticed me
Toronto prodigy of poetry
Even white chicks were faintin' over me
The flyer boss, toured like Diana Ross
It kills me when I see you young brothers tryin' to floss
You got a long way to go to keep the hip in the hop
I left in ninety two, it's like the fukin' industry stopped
But it's on, don't panic
Emcees stay frantic
It's automatic, we makin' audio dramatic
Lyrically I'm a bill, at the top of a hill
Show my sons how to chill, and make the city stand still

[Chorus: Wade O. Brown]
We're gonna make it happen
We're gonna make it shine
We're gonna make it happen
It's a race against our time
Oh, oh, oh
We're gonna make it happen

Yeah, yeah, yeah
I remember when my pops took me to this lady
She said she couldn't beleive how many shady people wanna slay me
She said they wanna wreck you, they wanna wet you
But don't sweat it, your ancestors will protect you
Many nights I woke up, frozen stiff, couldn't move
Stayed calm, bible open on the twenty third song
Who could it be now
A brother that I ripped, an old school shorty that I used to hit
(go figure)
In life I learned cats'll try to hurt you
That's why I gotta stay tight with my family, and keep a small circle

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