intro: C Am C Am
F#m/B G F#m/B G
I feel so sad what i did wasn't right
F#m/B G F#m/B G
I feel so bad, and i must say to you
*whisper* i'm sorry, but....
F#m/B G F#m/B G
Nobody's Perfect, nobody's perfect
C Am C Am
What did you expect? I'm doing my best
fill: F#m/B G F#m/B G
next chorus, same as first
next verse same as first but X2
D Am D Am
cool i am, when i am with you
D Am D Am
cool i'm not, when i am lonely
these are the chords, listen to the song and you can get it :)
F#m/B is played - (from low to high) x24432
questions? comments? flames? let me know! [email protected]
note: this is the first song that i've ever figured out! i just got
my guitar a couple of weeks ago and i was just sitting and listening
to the song and thought it sounded kinda easy! hope that you all get
use out of this! :) yay me! lol

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