F/ wck-maccj macbinkyboo kaponetechniecthumpmc eihttha roadawgs

[mack 10]
Hoo-bangers (wassup!!!)
Y’all ready? (fo’ sho’!!!!)
Well let’s do this shit
I’ma start this bitch offand y’all run itcheck ituhh

On your marksget setgo for what you know
It’s the #1 crew in your areadoe for doe
I keep it thuggish with my dicky’s on sag
I buy my ’57 rag until my ’98 jag
And just roll all over the town on 20 inch wheels
And justbrag all about the mils I made on mic skills
I slang and do my thang keepin niggas on amp
It’s mack 10 kickin shit from the hoo-bangin camp

Haha (nigga)
I justwake up and ball y’all (whattup k-mac? )
Comrade criminals and y’know we fades em all (that’s right)
I’m hittin six on the teatley
And I’m ridin on you busters cos that’s how it gotta be (it got to be)
Niggas pleasecadillacs on deez (on deez)
And in the middle of the winterit’s still 89 degrees (that’s right)
We’s die hardpullin job nigga’s hall cards
Best to check our records cos we’s smack ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? (that’s right)

I kill a nigga ten timesleave em on concrete (whattup techniec? )
Tight shit make ya say ’damntech got bomb heat’ (hahaha)
First nigga that speak like ’i don’t believe you’
First nigga who face touch ass fore before his knees do (God damn!)
NiggaI ain’t tryin to please youknow that
I’m no jokeblackyou can quote thatI wrote that
I hold mac’s with 2-1’s
Plus the deuce-5’s at my side so I got two guns (that’s right)


It don’t stop til the casket drop
Quick to handle them thangshoo-bang’s the gang
On the corner with the shrap tryin to regulate cheese
Y’know we represent them straight b’s and c’s

[mc eiht]
G’yeah (wassup? whattup eiht? )
Ready to go to warI take you to war
Hoo-bangin as I buck thru your passenger door (buck buck)
Bustgrab your bitch and tell her hit the floor (hit the deckbitch)
Give it a fuckblood pourwhat we came here for (that’s right)
Til I diewhy camoflage? I’m in a dodge (wassup nigga? )
Your homies can’t see meI’m greedycall me idi
Speedythe fire spitskicks like the last dragon
Connects the clock wit the glocksg’yeah

[cj mac]
I’m a motherfuckin westside gangbanglow ride nigga (yeah)
A 600 benz ridecristal sipper (nigga)
You don’t wanna fuck with meyou’re highnigga (what? )
Fuck with this hereyou disappearlisten to me clear
6-double 0 bangace double o gang
Run up in banks and run trancswhat’s my fuckin name? (what’s my name? )
Cj l-a-richwoldright here for the scrap
Less risk for the rollerkillin niggas over

So-so banginsteady and packin on chromeup under the *? could? *
Swingin packages from sc to inglewood
Runnin up on yaputtin em on ya wit these knuckle hammersmayn
It’s the shadiest ridah locquick to let the barrel claim
Dub-cone of the last niggas you wanna get witwith these things i’m
’quipped with
BitchI’m a couple of sandwiches away from a picnic
Clippin nothin but hoggsI’m from the seaside of the walls
What’s connectin with these doggs? niggaballin til we fall

[boo kapone]
? ? ? ? knees and c’sslangin cd’s
Overseasthe vietnamese and japanese (uhh)
Ya get gotyour ass’ll get shot
Have you on your hands and knees like you was makin sulac
What’s the plot? niggafrom here to reno
Boo kapone got three cases up in chino (nigga)
I smashI blast for the cashI smoke hash
I ripped your ass in halfdon’t niggas do the math? (niggas)


Y’all don’t wanna get down! fuck y’all fools
Ya best laydown! get clowned when we spray your whole town
The jock coon aka binky macnigga!
Porsche or gat? put you flat then I ditch my strap (throw it away)
What’s the hapsmayn? jockin a whole crap game
Mack 10 put a nigga on inso now I hoo-bang (get yoursnigga)
New jordans with my usual p hat
B-macif I ever go broke I’m grabbin my ski mask

NiggaI’m a balleringlewood dwellerho seller
Schemin for the pussy four timesdo your duty
Bustle up in this and tatted up
Live and die for the westbut ain’t had enough
It’s a hoo-bang thangthey say a ’niggawhere ya homey be? ’ like
(don’t slow your roll) too late I’m banged out
I’m livin crucialdo this here on major *? zera? *
I live for violence and motherfuckers feel the terror

[tha roadawgs]
Rise up when you other fools is fallin
The dawgs is who you gon’ callwe on the ball like spalding
Trickit’s the infamous macs from the i
Hit the switchin the lacand go from low-to-high
Drive byyeah g loves swamp rat and thug dumpin
Bumpinsee me from roadawgsalways into somethin
Like nwahoo-banginthe r-e-c-i-p-eyeah
We fades em alllike jamal
It’s westside connect gangbang or ball? (nigga)
Just ask the lil’ homey do dirty
We get drunk and start beatin fools up at the pool party

Chorus (x2)

[mack 10]
Yeahgettin ourswestside connect ogz
Hoo-bang for the cheesenigga
You know about this crew
Try to see it or l-i-g itniggawuz happenin?

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