It go m a c to the k one to the o
Bitches scream ho
Hoo bangin with nothin but the cavi
Stepin out the smog like a hog with my family
Squeakru and mack dime on the fade
Been lacen up our stars and stealin cars since the 8th grade
Quick to pull your lid
You can call us butch cassady and the sundance kid
Mack the inglewood maniacwhos got the biggest sack
Niggas that get large get put on contract
And thats a fact he’s all about big bucks
When he’s saggin with his motherfuckin khakis and chucks
Chicken hawkinswoop down low my nigga stalkin
Allfrumtha I when we mob we ain’t talkin
Binkymack once again it’s on foe life
Presence is feltbefore we takin yo life

Mack 10mack 10cant you understand
Mack 10mack 10bitch I’m the motherfuckin man
Mack 10mack 10cant you understand
Mack 10mack 10bitch I’m the motherfuckin man

Hey comradwe keep pushin this crack
Niggas gettin washed upand we can’t have that
Niggas makin all these snaps with these wack ass raps
So we went to inglewood when we finished our sack
It was back in january or was it febuary
I have to do some timemack dime told me not to worry
The scene was kinda scary he sent me commisary
I did my time and touched down with a flurry
Told me not to worrysigned a deal in a hurry
No more slangin dope to those niggas in missouri
Bagets on our jewlryfutures no longer blurry
And if you see a bitch with us fo sho she’s temporary
And you know we got it like that
Rolexed out the game spotin croca sacks
Nigga thats what you get when you fucks with me
The comrads and mack d.i.m.e.


[mack 10]
I can leap tall buildings twist on them thangs
I made nothing but the cavi hits an hoo banged
I set traps to make snaps from coast to coast
And now I’m up to seven figures and I’m doin the most
I watch niggas cause they shadyI pack a lil 380
Look out for my peoples everything is all gravy
Is mack a cool nigga? yeapI guessmaybe
Bought a bubble eyes benz for my bitch and my baby
Always talk about the hoodcause they say that I’m a bragger
And if yous ain’t a true bluethen yous a red dager
If your girl want a thug then you know that I’m a tag her
But if she set me up then imma have to body bag her
Lay the back down on the chevy so the ass is a dragger
If a bitch is at the house while I’m jackin imma gag her
Wear my clothes like a bangerso of course imma sagger
Plus a young nigga rollin’ more stones than mick jagger


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