[verse 1:]
When I got to the spot it wasn't even crowded
Made a few phone calls now we all bout it, bout it
Wit it, wit it, hella fitted, punk rock better quite it
Got one pill left and she askin me to split it
I aint wit it, where I'm goin?
Bitch Why?
Have you ever had X O in your eye?
Bitch why, die, choke on suffa
My niggas in da back trynna smoke on suffa
Fa sho gone stuff a, dub in da wood
Now it's me, MD, PSD and Shoog
I'm feelin' good, UGH, got a hoe on jock
I think she on puss to, maybe not
Baby cock, nineteen, wit her own spot
and a day wit Dre, I'll have her on robot
It don't stop, I'm a mack and I'm proud, I go wild get hyphy, get loud
[verse 2:]
It was me, Hedi, and Black Jesus
Goin 2 da store to bring back the juice
So we can get to pillin it, feelin it man
Giggin hella hard and start killin it man
We ill in da van, Chevy 20s
Fat backwood, never skinny
Icon Nikes on my feet
and I come hyphy on my beats
She wear cleats cuz shes in da game
an All-Star legend in da Jaw of Fame
If its all da same, I think I'll pass
She gots lots of ass but, no cash
and I needs cash like a car needs gas,
if you dont got it, get far, quick, fast
Ima star wit class, Big Famous, Thizzlamic
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