Dear Diary,
Something good happened today
He finally called me by my name
I didn't know how to behave
What to say or do
I was so confused

Dear Diary,
I wanna talk to him again
But whenever he is with his friends
He keeps trying to pretend
But I already see
The way he feels for me

What can I do?
Tell me what can I say
When do I let him know I feel the same way?
How can my feelings be so hard to show when
I really want him to know

Dear Diary,
He wrote some letters on his hand
It wasn't hard to understand
I figured I'm part of his plans
But now I'm in his heart
I don't know where to start


You're my secret hiding place
Where my private thoughts are safe
And just one look and he will see
What's inside of me

Chorus x 2

Dear Diary
Dear Diary
Dear Diary
Dear Diary

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