This is a great Skynard song, but everywhere I look there is no tab for it. So I learned my own version from a friend of mine, and I'm putting it here for you.This tab is about 97% correct and the solo isn't included, but I hope to have it done soon.

Standard Tuning E,A,D,G,B,E
Chords Procession: C,G?,Am
E: 0 0 0
B: 1 1 1
G: 0 0 2
D: 2 0 2
A: 3 2 0
E: x 3 x

Intro/Verse (Clean Elec or Accoustic)

C G? Am
}------0--0-0----0-----2--2-2--2---{ Repeat as needed

Other Part (Distorted Elec)

}----------------------------{ Repeat as needed...about twice

Chorus (Distorted Elec)

C5 G5 A5
}5-5xx-------------------{ Repeat as needed

The cool thing about the chorus is that you can play it like this, but you can also use a Clean Elec or Accoustic Strum using the procession givin at the beginning. Either way it sounds really good...

As for the solo...I have yet to discover the way to play it, so until then, just make it up as you go along, following the pattern. That should be everything else though, hope you enjoy!

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