{t:All I Have is a Song}
{st:Lynyrd Skynyrd}
[G]These old white lines on this highway
[C]Lord is all I know[D]
[G]Seems like I№ve been out here all my life
[C]But I just can№t let it go[D]
[C]Oh, you know I ain№t complaining
[D]Cause I can№t tell
[G]Lord, its just your plan[Em]
[C]So I thank you for what I have
[D]That№s a song
All I have is a[G] song
[G]I keep thinking about the friends I№ve had[C]
And all the memories we№ve[D] shared
[G]They keep comin№ back time and time again[C]
Sometimes I wonde[D]r, was it worth the cost
And all I№ve lost
[G] [C] [D] (Play twice)
[G]So I play this song one more time[D]
[G]Cause lord its all I know[Em]
[C]I№ll be standing at your door, following on[D]
Cause all I have is a[G] song[C]
And this song will live[D] on
All I have is a[G] song[C]
A piece of me will live[D] on[G]

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