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I've figured out some stuff, but most of it just doesn't sound
right if you don't have the whole band sound going... But
"Baltimore" is an easy tune and I can tell the chord progressions
by memory, so I'll send it along:
by Lyle Lovett
G D Em
I know I've seen this place before
G D Em
Lord can't you hear me screaming
G D Em
As a young man long ago
A G Em
When I was twenty-one
It repeats that progression through the rest of the verses, and
with the recording I'm sure you'll have no trouble figuring out the
P.S. Incidently, while we're talking about Lyle-- if anyone else
has something to contribute, it would be appreciated.
Fairy Tale Tab by Lovett Lyle
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From: [email protected] (Scott Anderson)
Fairy Tale???
Lyle Lovett
Lyle performed this (among other gems) on "Austin City Limits" on a
songwriters special with Willie Nelson and Rodney Crowell. I don't
know if this is even the name, or if it is on one of his records.
Every line, except for the chorus, consists of the four-chord pattern
D9 - B7#9 - E9 - A7/6. This was performed as more of a story than a
song, so the structure of the lyrics is kinda "free-form" at times. The
chorus has a different feel to it, with the Em Fm F#m Gm sequence played
on the bottom three strings, then let the G7/6 ring.
D9 B7#9 E9 A7/6
=========== =========== =========== ===========
4 | | @ | | | 6 | @ | | | | 6 | | @ | | | 5 @ | @ | | @
----------- ----------- ----------- -----------
5 | @ | @ @ @ 7 @ | @ @ | | 7 | @ | @ @ @ 6 | | | @ | |
----------- ----------- ----------- -----------
6 | | | | | | 8 | | | | | | 8 | | | | | | 7 | @ | | @ |
----------- ----------- ----------- -----------
7 | | | | | | 9 | | | | | | 9 | | | | | | 8 | | | | | |
----------- ----------- ----------- -----------
Once upon a time ago,
way up in the land of sleet and snow,
how this fairy tale would go
I could not have known.
I had searched around the world so mean,
from Livingston to Palestine,
trying to pursue my dream
of love
It was then I met this girl so fine,
she made me think so fast I left my thoughts behind
and I tried to pass for a
sophisticated, northern man.
I said "Why, yes, my dear, I know exactly what you mean,
because there's not so much I haven't done or seen,
and may I say your eyes are the loveliest
shade of jade."
Em Fm F#m Gm G7/6
I said Come on, baby
Em Fm F#m Gm G7/6
Come on, baby
Em Fm F#m Gm G7/6
woo-oo-oo come on, baby
It was then I knew I had made my first mistake.
She did not even start to wait.
And as she turned around to walk away
this is what she had to say:
She told me "Man I come from way down south,
I've got a picket fence with a picket house,
and I don't need no fast-talkin'
northern man like you around."
Honey, I don't know just what you heard,
but Alabama is my favorite word
and Birmingham is a
long way from here.
Well I could see her light begin to shine.
She turned back around, her eyes met mine
and suddenly the whole world became
a better place.
Even if it was only for an instant
because it was then I knew I had made
my second mistake.
She told me "Man, that was a real good try,
but Alabama's not where I reside.
I come from where the river's wide,
and the crawfish hide."
Honey, I don't know just what you heard,
but Louisiana is my favorite word,
and Now Orleans is a
long way from here.
She just looked at me and shook her head.
"Your lines are pretty sad," she said.
You are a lonely, weak, pathetic man
if this is doin' the best you can.
It was then I knew I had made my third mistake.
Three strikes, right across the plate,
and as I hollered "Honey, please wait"
she was gone.
Honey, I don't know just what you heard.
Bartender set 'em up are my favorite words
because the love I need is a
long way from here.
So there I sat so all alone
like a king who sits upon his throne
and whose kingdom may have just gone home
with another kingdom.
So as you can imagine, much to my suprise
when the door was flung back open wide.
It was a miracle, she walked inside
and pulled her chair up next to me.
(one line - chords only)
And that's when she knew she had made her first mistake.
(Chorus - chords only, no vocal)
Honey, I don't know just what you heard,
but Come on, baby are my favorite words,
and where we're goin' is a
long way from here.
And where we're goin' is a
long way from here.
So like I said before, I could not have known
how this fairy tale would finally go
still the only certain thing for sure
is what I do not know.
So like the years and all the seasons pass
and like the sand runs through the hourglass
I just keep on running faster
chasing the happily I am ever after.
(one line - chords only)
I just keep on running faster
chasing the happily I am ever after.
(3 lines - chords only)
Scott A. Anderson Southern College of Technology [email protected]

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