Learn to love and you learn to survive
My mistake was thinking love wouldn't catch me
It was the story of my life
I awakened seeing with new eyes
I begged forgiveness, but love wouldn't hear me
Taught you to fear me, baby

Love forgot we used to be just fine
And love forgot about the tender times
Love forgot to ask you if you'd want to give me
Give me one more try
Maybe love forgot this time

Love can't love someone who breaks a vow
But I was not myself, my heart wasn't in it
I still loved you every minute
I could fix it if you show me how
You didn't hear it from somebody else, I told you
Praying you'd let me hold you

(I can't believe) Love forgot the power to forgive
(Impossible) And love forgot that we depend on it
(It couldn't be) Love forgot that it's the only way
Our poetry will ever rhyme
I think love forgot this time

But who would have ever known
I'd ever be tempted, but I'm hopin'
Love will show me what to do
Cuz if it was all so easy
Then anybody else coulda shown me
I don't understand how you wouldn't know
I never even meant it

(I can't believe) Did love forget this was the only time
(Impossible) Did love forget I tried to set things right

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