It's not easy
But try to picture this; do
You remember
That we were once together
Isn't it strange
Isn't it ?
I'm sorry it's come to this but
Why are we here,
Bothering ?
What was it we talked about ? So...

Just remind me
Of why I'm wasting so much
Time pretending
That there is something more than
Only this
This pointless accusation
Tell me again,
Why are we here ?

I'm not offended by the things that you say
'Cause it's such a predicatable way to behave
Talk and insult me
'til you're blue in the face
You were right, I was wrong -
Now does that make you happy ?
I'm quite aware of all the bad things I did
You don't have to remind me of why you dislike me
There's no solution
To the mess that we're in,
It's so sad and so boring
I wish you'd just leave me alone

But I understand the games you play
I'm ashamed of all the things I did to you

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