[Woman Talking]
When I first tried E I was 15 years young
1.. 2.. 3.. pills on my tongue
She rolled up a joint of some backyard sash
Broke out the Tanqueray mill and put it to my chest
Fuck the Coca-Cola I don't need shit to follow
And fuck a glass, I sip straight out the bottle
it's been 45, when this shit gone hit me?
(it's gonna hit you in a minute, wait)
nah bitch, hit me off with 2 mo
(look, I already have you three
two more and you gone be passed out)
nah, that's where you go
go two more, twinty minutes later I was winnin
I was loaded, but I wasn't even spinnin
but that was the first three to have kicked in good
hey, I wanna eat your pussy
(baby I wish you would)
now she thick as hell
this ain't no tall tale
I ain't tryna hit foreplay
that's where the draws fell
[Woman Talking]
now coke, that's a whole different story
I met a bitch so fine, she said she had something fo me (that white liiines)
she knew I was with it, and she didn't even know me
she put out a line and told me do it and chill
rolled up a dolla, said bitch give me a 100 dolla bill
damn, I'm broke but that don't mean my standards is low
I still feel like a king even though my bank is low
(is that yo sniiiff)
ey bitch don't give me none, if you can't give me mo
for the first time doin it, game is charged
for the first five hours, I couldn't get hard
I'm now and I'm like talkin to Chuck
like, c'mon man, please wake the fuck up!
pulled myself together, layed down on the ground
fantasize for a minute, now I'm ready to get down
[Woman Talking]
shrooms, shrooms, I just take that as a whole
the first time I did it with A-Plus from the Souls (of Mischief)
he boiled a pot of water, put the mushrooms in it
put the top on it and let that shit boil for a minute
added teabags to the pot, we doin it now
added some orange juice to the pink pop to cool it down
I got a nice big cup, cuz I love gettin loaded
duzzle get down, aw shit, hold it
what do it do?
man I didn't even ask
you prolly gave me some shit that's gone have me on my ass
he said wave your hand Num in front of your face
...that's all I remember

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