(Huh huh huh huh)

Cause 2 is better than 1 and...

(Some some some some)

Some body kill the lights we doin

Freaky (freaky) (freaky) (freaky) shit tonight, Yaay
[Ludacris Verse 1]
Double the pleasures like double the fun

Howmany licks does it take to the centre of a Luda pop double the tumbs

Who knows, plus i gotta undress em' caress em bless em' steady keep em' guessin

If that doesnt impress em' then slower move on to the second lesson

Whoo, pantys droppin, body rockin, ma girls poppin

Its 8 cheeks and 4 titties ya'll better hand me somethin

Hey ladies (whoo), on you mark get ready get se go (go)

Wait for hours, in an out the shower, this pimp power, we in control
[Chorus x2]
[Ludacris Verse 2]
6 hands grippin the sheets, 30 toes are curled

What in the world is goin on till the brake a brake a dawn wit man and them girls

Cause 3 hearts are beatin fast, but only 2 people screamin

We comin together for one cause other than hear ourselves breathin

Get in the game n start workin it out n diggin in out

Now lean to the side, throw a dick in your mouf

You gotta get in the groove you got nothin to lose

So dont move till you figured it out

And keep makin that face while im rubbin them spots

And we can take turns while the other one watch

And see how she be takin them shots

And wake up the hood till they callin them cops, mayne
[Chorus x2]
[Ludacris Verse 3]
Now im ready to ride and you can get them tools and you can start the ignition

Im grabbin perms, wigs, weaves, ponytails and extensions

Not to mention its gonna get, hot, betta come ready to, sweat

I make women cum harder than jacuzzi jets

And im willin to bet that i be keepin it wet cause i feel yah

Little bit of ring on the neck it wont kill yah

Put me on the bottom or top n i'll drill yah

Given how you wanted to get it to port feel yah

And i'll peel yah, back to back so get ready for the mack attack

They got me takin in some acrobats

The way they bendin it from sack to sack because the mack is back and im gone
[Chorus x4]

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