Verse 1:
It started off in shanny park
On the street of old nash
And it feels so good to escape and just kick it at last
My clan had to bring the ruckus cause we had the cream
Or you could eat over at ryan’s or some fish and got seen
And I had to fix a goodie bag and make decisions and heist
Cause soulfood ain’t the mutherfucking thing to waste
So lets get looney on the set cause I got five on the fire
Will slide through eastpoint and make our way to blackrighya
Looking like outkast on the spot smoking blunts
Hit the liquor store
Got up got out and got something
The 8 ball so I could do some space age pimpin
My blood stay young off of 45 colts and chicken
Camalton road filled wit d’s and vogues and
Players making them hoes in tight clothes
Coming up slamming caddy doors
Is south worst will take it to your chest
We got it locked like some niggas on house arrest
Because we riding

Riding on that midnight train to georgia

Verse 2:
It’s just one of those day when
I can kick it like this and like that
It’s a free world my folks got rowdy
Where you at
I’m right off cascade or ralph david avenue
And I shall proceed or continue to keep my roots nappy
Cause afro and all ceasers they keep me warm
Some living a thug life so how long were they born
I still rhyme that’s why I bounce my way to bankbread
I so bad that I’ll knock you out
That’s what my mamma said
Sippin on brandy sunny days wit my best friend
Hit her you seein then cruise to the westend
They should have said that it was six flags
Over georgia then underground if my crew
Stays we’ll be fat when I’m older
If I told you once I told you ass a
Thousand times that I got em all in
Check when it comes to bustin rhymes
Don’t sweat the technique as I just move the crowd
My mob deep of alcoholics people label us
Loud because we riding


Verse 3:
See I felt my bones jump
As I crossed the road
I heard the squad was quite def so I flipped my mode
On my way to dec baby can’t you see
That the cader is too big for the
Lost boys riding around in lexus coups jeeps and beakers
Yo cars get scooped just like regina carpet cleaners
In stone mountain cats putting it down
Daz n kurupt so I just gave all my dogs a pound
Now my conflict was crucial off some hey smoke
I should be getting it cause life is too God damn short
And now my mind play tricks
And all my boys acting ghetto
Back to the cp I put my pedal to the medal
God bless the child that’s just got it’s own
Since I was a juvenile I’m making cash money at home
Now from a boy to a man I reached the end of my road
It’s ludacris signing off till the next episode.


Cause it’s the atl
Where all the pimps and the playas just dwell
We got the cash find the ass then bail
We leave a trace but never leave a trail.

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