I never used to snore in my sleep since this rap shit started one thought filled the hot-headed and cold hearted your whole paycheck you burp it and then fart it and y'all think I'm gon' stop (Blow it out ya ass)In one year I've got rich and life's movin' so fast but bein' broke with no food is just a thing of the past plus I'm the new phenomenon like white women with ass and y'all prayin that I flop (blow it out ya ass)In New York I buy clothing in Cali I get green in Atlanta I get sleep and in Texas I sip Leen All these rappers want to know what I'm gettin' for sixteen try eighty want a discount (blow it out ya ass)See in just six months I infeltrated the system and if you find somebody better then I'm sorry I missed 'em Niggas hate givin' me props 'cause I might use it against 'em come on get Ludacris out (blow it out ya ass)

If you mad I'm on top then wish me gone
If you mad I'm on the rode then wish me home
and if you mad that I'm right punk wish me wrong but after ya three wishes (blow it out ya ass)

It's time to saddle up the tontoes 'cause I'm the lone Ranger I eat dinner with Jews but don't talk to strangers I'm just a few albums from fillin' ya disc changer and if you ever think of stoppin' me (blow it out ya ass) I'm a hustler by nature but criminal by law Any charges set against me chuck it up and stand tall Next year I'm looin' in to buyin' green by Mar you probably bought a lot of property (blow it out ya ass) Come on and take a look he's got gigantic balls Plus his money keeps flowin' like Niagra Falls We all know Jesus saves and Ludacris Withdraws I'm 'bought to go on vacation (blow it out ya ass) Shout out to Bill O'Reiley I'm gonna throw you a curve you mad cause I'm a theaf and got a way with words I'm gonna start my own beverage it'll calm yo nerves pepsi's the new generation (blow it out ya ass)


My black people show me love when I'm up on the block and latinos always waitin' for my cds to drop white people love the flow they say dude you fuckin' rock your fans are my fans right (blow it out ya ass) To find my albums in the store just look for the white steam rip it open plated and yo' mama might scream it's hard other albums are softer than ice cream your scans are my scans right (blow it out ya ass) Now luda's throwin' up A's and Lightin' up L's around the globe gettin' paid you home bitin' yo' nails DTP the only label who practice fightin' ourselves we probly gettin' on yo' nerves huh (blow it out ya ass) I been eatin' and gettin' fat while y'all dyin' of hunger I get drunk in the winter stay high in the summer watch out my albums puttin' out McDonalds numbers you over 6 million served huh (blow it out ya ass)


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