I tried to look the other way
But there you passed me by
I saw you holding Q-Tip's hand
And girl I damn near died
The way you hold that cosmo
Just fits you to a tee
But I just wish that you was sitting right here next to me'
I wonder what was on God's mind
The day that he made you
I know he wrote a new commandment
After he was through
Every time I see you
I find something new
I just gotta have you
I really want you
I just gotta have you x2
Me and nephew snoop was eating
At the serving spoon
And my partner skin it back
Was sitting with us too
And all of a sudden, your ody was in sight
I couldn't finish breakfast
Now something just ain't right
Now Snoop is looking like
What the hell is wrong with you
I said I know you understand
You've been through a few
But this one is special
Special to me
Is it just my imagination killing me
Chorus x 2
I can't fake it no more
I just can't take it no more
I need you in my life for sure
My wife for sure
No turning back
It's on and cracking
Girl thats whats haps

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