I watch the clock pass by, she left me all alone again.
Kicking stones down the street, I should?¦? ??e listened to my friends.
She only thinks of herself, there?¦? ?? nothing left for me to do.
I can?¦? ?° uncross my heart, I can?¦? ?° convince myself to choose.
So out of touch.
Can?¦? ?° wipe the stars from my eyes.
But I hope that this time affectations will be realized.
She?¦? ?? got a one track mind.
And now it?¦? ?? leaving me behind.
Her one track mind.
Still I?¦? ??l love her ?¦?? ?†il the day I die.
So I wrote them down, all the words I could say to you.
Just to tear them up, decided to ignore the truth.

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