Two guns up motherfucker
Uh huh
Niggaz runnin around yappin with dicks in they mouth
My Niggaz
Shit is serious L.O.X.
Couldn't even put three niggaz togehther and come up
With this combination (faggot)
Shit is fo' real

I pack a 4 5
Puff a blunt and get high
Don't give a fuck if I die cuz my son is alive
I grew up doing dumb shit that made me wise
Could of died ten times
That made me live
Sell my soul
Not for no cars and gold
I been through it cuz my scars is old
Remember the time
I used to puff dimes
And think the law was cold
Back then when my mom played my father's role
Now I'm a man
Runnin with a gun in the vest
It feel good with my son on my chest
I wanna quit
But I'm one of the best
Fuck around I might run to the west
Lay low and get blunted to death
Niggaz is wack
I can't say it plainer than that
Dog you shine in the front but it rain in the back
Fuck the middle
Cuz the middle do alot and a little
Stuck in between but y'all niggaz won't see the riddle
Settle for less
A general but don't meddle my chest
Die for my niggas nevertheless
Can't find a nigga better than this
Kiss and the Louch
Every man ahead of the group
Regretting the coup
Y'all niggas want the red in my boots
Hole in my shirt
Twist a nigga wig and leave me dead in the dirt
I see the rollie not move but the shit still work
Motherfucker that'll make you a jerk

Ay yo what y'all gon do now
Y'all fucked up now
How deep is your crew now
Y'all fucked up now
Don't make us heat you down (you know what I'm sayin ?diego?)
Y'all fucked up now (This aint no fuckin joke niggas is hungry)
We the nicest niggas around (Fuck is wrong)
Y'all fucked up now (yeah yeah ay yo ay yo ay yo)

I pay off blue suits thats Sucio
And I put drugs in my girl koochie yo
A bad bitch that kill
So when you put the dogs on her you smell Massengill Summer's Eve
Puttin drugs in coffee hip to the D's
I play smarter
That's why my flights now be charter
Ten seater
What you know about a Porsche at a meter
Next to koochie freak those
Tickets keep those
And you can mail to my postbox down in Melrose
I aint the nigga that you see
Posted on cop walls
I'm that eighteen and up
Mamis on my balls
Y'all can't figure the great one
Sheek be Jason
Not cops
But that legendary nigga my pops
I bust shots like bums at a bar but far

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