Featuring Eve, Hot Totti
[Styles Paniro]
Coming through shotgun stlye
Cop one thou
Need a hundred more
What da fuck you runnin' for
You don't wanna see it when we point a gun at yall
Have everybody sayin' what the hell you done it for
Muthafucker who you
Nigga screw you
Brought my two honnies and they rob shit too
Strip butt naked
Wher the da big faces
Lil' ones too
Changing off
Styles coming through
Danger core
You in the wrong part of town 17 around
You know the shit is fucked up when the feinds get down
And you ask for a nigga, we ain't seen the clown

It's so ridiculous
A snitch quick to bust
Some cats sensitive
Like a clit to bust
Get blue balls tryna give da dick to us
Double R
Fuck hard
Nigga spit you up
When it comes to our blasting
Nigga prepare
Cause thugging is a fad like a fashion
Took out by my team nigga
Thugging is a passion
Gone give us the cash or a plaque claiming platnium
You average
Yall niggas quick to bitch
My dogs
Got a nigga quick to snitch
Want more
Why you acting like a virgin to dick
Why you acting like you done got da clip to my shit

Ay yo
I gots to hide my dick
Cause niggas ride my dick
If ain't a nigga
It's a chick that wanna suck my shit
Got something to say about my click
Snatch your walkman
Guess who's tape was in that shit
I put scars on niggas wit these bars
And alot of hate in da air
When I floss thes cars
All this ice on ours
We keep in da vault
Bitch tell your man like Silkk the Shocker
"It ain't my fault"
Ay yo
I drink till I'm barred
Rock my chains on top of my scar
To avoid a chest cold
Pack guns till I'm old
And I'm a still watch the brooker
On some Scarface shit
Caked out you muthafucker
Still Doin' dirt I ain't your role model don
Fucked up lifestyle
I wouldn't teach to my son
Dealing wit keys
Big time drug dealer
In and out of Genovese
What you want pain killers
I bounce on tracks
Put platnium on wax
Buisness type
Only way to reach me is the fax
What you want nigga

[Hot Totti]
I'll tell you what I want nigga
Dat knick knack
Rollin' in dat black Lex
Strep in my lap
Gettin' ready for dat payback
Some say that down south boss could never be booted
I'm schooled

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